Antique synthetic asanoha crepe fabric for komon kimono

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Antique synthetic bolt for komon kimono, asanoha pattern in purple blue and white, a beautiful hypnotic fabric that really mesmerises.  35 cm wide sold by the meter

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Antique synthetic asanoha fabric for komon kimono

Antique synthetic fabric  for a komon kimono,with a printed  asanoha pattern in purple blue and white. This is a really gorgeous colour combination, it’s a beautiful hypnotic fabric that really mesmerises. The texture is a crepe like weave and it is soft and supple.

The fabric is 35 cm wide and is sold by the meter. The condition is unused, excellent.

This antique item probably dates from 1950-60.


This fabric is being sold by the meter

Please note you are buying the fabric in one meter units, so if you wish a piece that is for example 3 meters long, order three units.

Asanoha: The Asanoha pattern is one of the most popular traditional patterns often seen on Japanese kimono.  Asanoha means: Asa = hemp: no = of: ha = leaf. The regular geometric pattern, though abstract, represents overlapping hemp leaves.

Asanoha can be combined with other seasonal motifs including ume and kikko, or feature as the primary element of the design. In ancient Japan, hemp, along with ramie, linden, elm, wisteria and mulberry, were used for making clothing, fibers and paper.

The wives of merchants would wear it, to bring good fortune to the wearer. Because hemp was known for its rapid growth, the pattern was often used for clothes of newborn children.

“…parents hoped that infants wearing it would develop with the vigour and toughness of the hemp plant.” The Book of Japanese Design, Kyusaburo Kaiyama.

Komon: Means fine pattern or repeat pattern. Kimono with a small, repeated pattern throughout the garment. This style is more casual and may be worn around town, or dressed up with a formal obi for a restaurant. Both married and unmarried women may wear komon (see also Edo Komon).



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