Taisho era omeshi silk kimono

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Taisho era omeshi silk kimono

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Taisho era omeshi silk kimono

Taisho era omeshi silk kimono w/ woven horizontal stripes in black and blue and yellow ochre dashes, hot red sleeve lining Very good condition for the age. This item is quite old (see below) but aside from small holes in the sleeve edge lining at the wrist, which are not visible when worn, it is in very good condition … very wearable.

It measures 145 cm long, 60 cm from centre to sleeve edge, and the sleeve drop is 66 cm.

It is heavier than a normal kimono at 1.2 kg… so lots of rich tectural omeshi silk to play with!


Omeshi: A textile woven with strongly twisted pre-dyed silk threads. There are two types of Omeshi, one is Hiraori-Omeshi and the other is Chirimen Omeshi. By 1960, Omeshi Kimonos hold 80% of Kimono market share, but now, produced only in small quantities. Omeshi Kimonos were ranked the highest in pre-dyed silk Kimonos, and were extremely valuable. Its texture is firmer than Chirimen

Taisho Roman: Design characterised by the modern and romantic fashion mixed Japanese and European cultures in Taisho era.

The Taisho Era (1912-26), sandwiched between the boldly modernizing Meiji Era (1867-1912) and the militarist tide of early Showa (1926-1989), deserves more recognition than it gets.

Taisho is Japan’s Jazz Age. Can it be summed up in a phrase? It often is:ero-guro-nansensu — eroticism, grotesquerie, nonsense.

The term “Taisho Roman” refers to the cultural stylings of the Taisho Period of Japanese history (1912-1926), combined with the shortened form ‘romantic’. An appropriate English translation might be “romantic vintage”.

In terms of wafuku, Taisho Roman often begins with Taisho-era kimono, or kimono that have similar visual cues, such as bright colors and/or large, bold designs. The kimono is then heavily accessorized with elements of Western fashion from the 1920s, and occassionally touches of the 1910s or early 1930s.

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