Welcome to SwaziLove…

I have been collecting beautiful sayagata patterned kimonos and fabrics for a few years, along with non swazi treasures of particular beauty, such as Meisen silks or asanoha patterned textiles..

I search for things that i connect with and would wear myself or use for my own projects… if you are looking for something you don’t see here, ask me..

I have lots of deconstructed kimonos obis and haoris, as well as sari fabric, that is superb for sewing that special something you dream of… the colours, textures and patterns of these pieces inspire and delight.

I think that part of the joy of these items is knowing more about the process and skills that go into making the fabrics and the construction..  please have a look at the glossary for more info about terms used in the site.

If you have any questions about the piece you are considering re the meaning of a pattern etc, ask me.

I hope you find the things available here, as beautiful and desirable as I do..


– SwaziLove