Chikuzen hakata obi fabric pieces

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Chikuzen hakata obi fabric pieces

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Chikuzen hakata obi fabric pieces

Several pieces of an antique chikuzen hakata obi fabric from an unused roll. This densely woven, reversible fabric in green, silver and red in a wisteria pattern was originally destined for place mats but ended up in the unfinished projects pile.

It is in excellent condition for the age, and unused, aside from me cutting it into these pieces.

Now’s your chance to get a goodly amount of thick tough lovely pure silk, ideal for bag or wallet making, for a great price.

The pack contains the following lengths:

  • 31 cm by 26 cm, 3 pieces
  • 31 cm by 73 cm, 1 piece
  • 31 cm by 52 cm, 3 pieces

This gives you a total length of 307 cm, over 3 meters!

Please note, images show the roll before it was cut – the pieces are from this roll and the photos are representative of the fabric you will get, just in the lengths listed.

Shipping weight is 300 grams


  • Hakata obi – Named for the region of Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, where it is primarily woven, Hakata is a distinctive thick silk textile, used primarily for obi, but also found on other items where a stiffer textile is necessary, such as handbags, zori, and especially datejime, where it’s prized for its stiff texture and ability to hold in place without slipping. Hakata silk is very tightly woven, giving an appearance similar to grosgrain ribbon. When it’s being tied, it should have a very distinctive “squeaking” noise as the ridges rub up against each other. This is not a flaw – it is a sign of a good true Hakata weave.Other common terms for hakata include hon-chikuzen, honchiku, hakata-ori, and kenjo-gara, when referring to the typical geometric design.

This would be a hakata obi from the Chikuzen region.


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