Reclaimed fabric – antique marble print omeshi silk

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Reclaimed fabric – antique marble print omeshi silk

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Reclaimed fabric – antique marble print omeshi silk

Gorgeous fabric reclaimed from an antique omeshi silk kimono. Photo of original kimono included to give a sense of scale of the overall pattern.

The fabric has the characteristic omeshi toothy spongy feel to it, it is a durable yet soft fabric that is great for a whole host of projects.

The pattern is a lovely purple printed marbling on top of white fabric. It is a really complex marbling closer to the kind you find on book front plates, no obvious repeats you can see.

The pieces measure:

  • 2 pieces @ 300 x 35 cm
  • 1 piece @ 104 x 35 cm
  • 1 piece @ 110 x 35 cm

All are in used antique excellent condition

Please note the photo of the whole kimono is for reference only.

• Omeshi: A textile woven with strongly twisted pre-dyed silk threads. There are two types of Omeshi, one is Hiraori-Omeshi and the other is Chirimen Omeshi. By 1960, Omeshi Kimonos hold 80% of Kimono market share, but now, produced only in small quantities. Omeshi Kimonos were ranked the highest in pre-dyed silk Kimonos, and were extremely valuable. Its texture is firmer than Chirimen

Omeshi silk

Kimonos worn by those at the imperial court used to be called omeshi , but these days, omeshi is the name of a type of heavy crepe silk fabric. The twisted threads are dyed and waxed before they are woven together strongly to produce the patterned kimono fabric. Hand washing after weaving releases some of the twist in the threads and produces the slightly rough surface of the fabric.

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