Antique purple and blue wisteria obi fabric bolt

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Antique purple and blue wisteria obi fabric

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An antique bolt of silk fabric for a fukuro obi, with a wisteria pattern woven in purple, blue and white.

The bolt is 375 cm long and is 29.5 cm wide.

It is in very good condition with one very small spot (shown in photos) and one small area of very slight discoloration (also shown in photos).

It is a tight weave and would be appropriate for making bags, wallets or other items that need to be sturdy and take a lot of handling. Obis are woven to resist the tying and untying they go through in their lifetime. The fabric is still very silky and supple despite the tight weave. It is a very nice, glossy soft silk.



Obi: A sash for kimono. Maru Obi is ranked the highest of all the formal Obi. It originally has twice the depth compared with that of others. Maru is usually a sumptuous obi which has the same pattern on both sides.
Around the late 40s, Maru Obi was developed into Fukuro Obi, a little less deep and heavy and slightly easier to put on. Fukuro Obi still has ceremonial or formal aspects, but can be worn on rather casual occasions too. Fukuro has the pattern on the front side only.
Nagoya-Obi is used in the wide range of occasions from casual to formal. It was invented in the Taisho Period. You can distinguish Nagoya-Obi from others because of the difference of their shapes. Nagoya-Obi has a narrow part and a wider part, the narrow part being a folded section.
Hanhaba means “half the width”. Hanhaba Obi is usually put on with casual kimono, so that you can ‘do little things’, that is, be more mobile and flexible. The main feature is “easy to put on, easy to take off”. The reversible ones are often seen with gorgeous embroidery.

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