Reclaimed antique shusu silk nagoya obi fabric

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Reclaimed antique shusu silk nagoya obi fabric

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Reclaimed antique shusu silk nagoya obi fabric

A beautiful piece of reclaimed shusu silk from an antique nagoya obi. This piece measures 320 cm long by 32 cm wide and comprises the front panel of the obi.

Shusu silk is a lush satin weave fabric with a really touchable texture. This example has a hot deep fuschia pattern woven in of arrow fletching. The Yagasuri pattern depicts the fletching of arrows, which was an important skill in ancient Japan, but continues to be practiced in modern ceremonies. Yagasuri is often seen in graduations and weddings. It represents steadfastness and determination, as an arrow that is shot straight never comes back.

• Nagoya obi: The most convenient obi today is the nagoya obi. First produced in the city of Nagoya at the end of the Taisho era (1912-26), the Nagoya obi is lighter and simpler than the fukuro or maru obi. The nagoya obi is characterised by a portion of the obi being pre-folded and stitched in half. The narrow part wraps around the waist, while the wider part forms the bow of the obi tie. When worn, a nagoya obi is tied with a single fold, while a maru or a fukuro obi, being longer, is tied with a double fold. Most nagoya obi is less expensive a maru or fukuro obi. Nonetheless, its design can be stunning

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