Vintage silk haori w/ shibori ume & bamboo leaves

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Vintage silk haori w/ shibori ume & bamboo leaves

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Vintage silk haori w/ shibori ume & bamboo leaves

A lovely vintage full shibori haori featuring ume (plum) blossoms and sasanoha  bamboo leaves.

Starch spots/slight spots (which are peculiar to shibori), but otherwise in excellent condition for putting on.

It measures 84 cm long, is 62 cm from centre seam to sleeve edge, and the sleeve drop is 53 cm.


• Sasanoha (笹の葉) bamboo leaves
A clump of three, four, or five thin pointed leaves. The points of the leaves are always oriented downwards. It is very common for sasanoha to appear without take.

Shiborizome: More often known as just shibori. An intricate tie-dye method of making a pattern on fabric. Tiny sections of the fabric are tied or gathered and stitched before it is dyed. The bound area does not absorb the dye, so, when the thread is removed, it leaves a pattern of white dots. A completely shibori kimono can take an entire year to produce. Shibori is greatly prized by the Japanese, who are aware of how painstaking it is to create. Shibori has been made around the 4th century B.C.

• Ume: Plum (Ume) is the first flower to bloom in the spring and is known as the ‘Flower of Peace’. A protective charm against evil, it also represents longevity, renewal and perseverance. Identified by rounded petals.

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