Synthetic silver purple sayagata hanhaba obi

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Synthetic silver purple sayagata hanhaba obi

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Synthetic silver purple sayagata hanhaba obi

A modern Synthetic silver and purple woven sayagata hanhaba obi, in excellent condition. The reverse side is plain silver.

Measures 348 cm long and  14 cm wide.


  • Hanhaba obi (半幅帯 or 半巾帯 , “half width obi”?) is an unlined and informal obi that is used with a yukata or an everyday kimono. Hanhaba obi are very popular these days.[ For use with yukata, reversible hanhaba obi are popular: they can be folded and twisted in several ways to create colour effects. A hanhaba obi is 15 centimetres (5.9 in) wide and 300 centimetres (9.8 ft) to 400 centimetres (13 ft) long. Tying it is relatively easy, and its use does not require pads or strings.The knots used for hanhaba obi are often simplified versions of bunko-musubi. As it is more “acceptable” to play with an informal obi, the hanhaba obi is sometimes worn in self-invented styles, often with decorative ribbons and such.


  • • Sayagata:  the manji  is often found as part of a repeating pattern. One common pattern, called sayagata in Japanese, is made of of interlocking manji, left- and right-facing manji  joined by lines. As the negative space between the lines has a distinctive shape, the sayagata pattern is sometimes called the “key fret” motif in English.

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