Reclaimed fabric – antique chirimen wedding kimono

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Reclaimed fabric – antique chirimen wedding kimono

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Reclaimed fabric – antique chirimen wedding kimono

Gorgeous reclaimed antique silk fabric taken from a deconstructed wedding kimono. This beautiful chirimen silk has both woven water as well as printed flowers, and embroidered silver and gold elements.

The panels available measure as follows:

  • 2 pieces @ 350 x 36 cm
  • 1 piece @ 144 x 18 cm
  • 2 pieces @ 200 x 36 cm

This heavy luxurious fabric would be great in all kinds of projects. It is in used antique excellent condition for its age.

Please note the photo showing the whole kimono is to show where the panels came from, it is not a whole kimono.

• Chirimen Silk: Chirimen fabric is a thick, heavy silk crepe, a crinkled fabric made by the weft threads being kept tighter than the warp threads during the weaving process. Weft threads are twisted as they are woven, resulting in a uneven texture.

This weaving technique was developed in Japan over 500 years ago. Threads may be dyed before weaving, or the fabric can be dyed using various techniques after weaving.

Chirimen fabric drapes beautifully, and it is difficult to crease. Therefore it is very popular for making kimonos.

In addition to a wide variety of kimono, many accessories are made using silk chirimen.

  • small bags
  • dolls
  • ornaments
  • furoshiki (wrapping cloths)
  • fabric kanzashi (hair ornaments)
  • obiage (scarf like cloths worn under the obi)

Recently chirimen-style fabrics have been made with cotton, rayon and polyester as they are less expensive and than silk to produce. However, silk chirimen is still the most popular chirimen for kimono fabric.

Depending on the colours and style, chirimen kimonos may be worn for both informal and formal occasions.

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