Purple silk woven sayagata Kasane-eri with white lining and clips

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This lovely rich purple silk Kasane-eri has a woven sayagata pattern on one side, and a lining of white on the other. It comes with 3 clips to attach it to the colar of a kimono or haori.

It measures 11 cm by 122 cm and is in as new condition.

This would make a great dress up collar for a kimono. It would also be well suited to being used for a sash belt, a strap, or any other craft project you have in mind. The lovely rich vibrant purple color contrasts nicely with the pristine white lining. The weave is a diagonal sayagata swastika pattern.

The Kasane-eri is a kimono accessory .

It’s also called “Date-eri” or “Hiyoku-eri”.
It’s sewn on or is fixed on the Kimono’s neckband by a few clips and just shows up between Kimono and Han-eri as a thin line of color.

There are two types, one that is double width (11-12 cm wide and lined in white) and is used by folding in half, and one that is pre-folded (5-6 cm wide). They are usually about 120-130 cm in length.

Sayagata:  the swastika is often found as part of a repeating pattern. One common pattern, called sayagata in Japanese, is made of of interlocking manji/swastikas, left- and right-facing swastikas joined by lines. As the negative space between the lines has a distinctive shape, the sayagata pattern is sometimes called the “key fret” motif in English.

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