antique shibori tie-dyed chirimen silk kimono w/a flying manji

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Short name: antique shibori chirimen silk kimono w/ flying manji

Age:  Antique

Material:  Chirimen Silk

Weight: 800g

Condition: Very Good

Size:  A (neck to hem) = 127 cm , B (neck to sleeve end) = 63 cm  , C (sleeve drop) = 49 cm

Pattern/Technique: Shibori hand tie dye


antique shibori dyed chirimen silk short kimono with a flying manji pattern. Shibori is a laborious hand tied tie dye method that involves each individual dot being carefully tied off and the whole surface in this case, being covered in minute dots.. the surface is characteristically bumpy, proof that this was indeed a hand made process and not screened to look like the real thing.


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