Antique Nishijin-Ori Omeshi silk kimono w/ woven sayagata

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Antique Nishijin-Ori Omeshi silk kimono w/ woven sayagata

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This beautiful kimono still has the tacking threads from construction in it, so it is antique but “new”, excellent condition.

The texture is gorgeous, smooth and heavy, and the weave is tight and intricate. The length is 147.5 cm, the wingspan from neck to sleeve edge is 61 cm, and the sleeve drop is 45 cm. It is a heavy kimono and a great example of the method.

The pattern is a lovely bold sayagata with a deep detail, lots of fine as well as large pattern here.. in a subtle deep red, reddish orange, dull mustard, and black, it is both bold and refined. I love this kimono!


Nishijin-ori (西陣織, Nishijin fabric) is a traditional textile produced in the Nishijin (西陣) district of Kamigyō-ku in Kyoto, Japan.

Originating in Heian-kyōto over 1200 years ago, Nishijin weaving is known for its highly-decorative and finely-woven designs, created through the use of tedious and specialized production processes. It is well-regarded for the high quality and craftsmanship of the resulting fabrics, commonly used for high-quality obi and kimono.

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