Antique Meisen silk haori w/ manji and lanterns

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Short name: Antique Meisen silk haori w/ manji and lanterns

Age:  Antique

Material:  Silk

Weight: 850 g

Condition: Excellent

Size:  A (neck to hem) = 81.5 cm , B (neck to sleeve end) = 63 cm  , C (sleeve drop) =  45 cm

Pattern/Technique: Meisen ikat style dye and weave

Description: Antique Meisen silk haori in red with woven manji and lanterns, in excellent condition with the haori-himo (ties) included. This is a beautiful and unusual pattern and a very pretty and festive haori coat.

Haoris are worn outside of the kimono, and are tied loosely in front but not overlapped like a kimono, so the fit is very flexible. 

The meisen kimono remained popular until around the 1950’s.  After the war, fashion tastes shifted to more Western style clothing.  Also, wool  became popular.  Sadly, by the 1960’s, the meisen kimono had all but disappeared.

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