Antique bolt for hitoe hakata obi w/ woven geometric design

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Antique bolt for hitoe hakata obi w/ woven geometric design

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Antique bolt for hitoe hakata obi w/ woven geometric design

A hitoe (unlined) unfinished obi in fuschia and bright blue silk. This beauty is a hakata obi, with a tightly woven geometric pattern.

This is technically an unfinished obi, but basically a hakata obi is finished just by a quick stitching of one end of the obi where it is folded back.

It is in unused but antique excellent condition, however there may be very very slight signs of age. This might be a minute spot or two, but no wear and no tears and no snags.

It measures 30 cm wide and is 390 cm long. It is fully reversible fabric. This was to be worn as an unfolded Nagoya obi.

  • Hakata obi – Named for the region of Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, where it is primarily woven, Hakata is a distinctive thick silk textile, used primarily for obi, but also found on other items where a stiffer textile is necessary, such as handbags, zori, and especially datejime, where it’s prized for its stiff texture and ability to hold in place without slipping. Hakata silk is very tightly woven, giving an appearance similar to grosgrain ribbon. When it’s being tied, it should have a very distinctive “squeaking” noise as the ridges rub up against each other. This is not a flaw – it is a sign of a good true Hakata weave.Other common terms for hakata include hon-chikuzenhonchikuhakata-ori, and kenjo-gara, when referring to the typical geometric design.


  • Hitoe obi (単帯, “one-layer obi”) is made from silk cloth so stiff that the obi does not need lining or sewn-in stiffeners. One of these cloth types is called Hakata ori (博多織), which consists of thick weft thread interwoven with thin warp thread with a stiff, tight weave; obi made from this material are also called Hakata obi (博多帯). A hitoe obi can be worn with everyday kimono or yukata. A hitoe obi is 15 centimetres (5.9 in) to 20 centimetres (7.9 in) wide (the so-called hanhaba obi)[or 30 centimetres (12 in) wide and about 400 centimetres (13 ft) long.

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